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PrePrimary School

We want children at Vasishta to learn, to lead and to make a difference

Best Preschool in Bangalore

Best Preschool in Bangalore

Introduction to our Pre-Primary School

At Vasishta School of Excellence, we take great pride in providing an exceptional early childhood education experience. As one of the best preschools in bangalore , we stand out for the following reasons:

Nurturing and Stimulating Environment:

Our school offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children feel safe and encouraged to explore, learn, and grow. A nurturing environment is essential for a child's overall development.

Experienced and Qualified Faculty:

Our team of educators comprises highly experienced and well-qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best learning experiences for young minds. They understand the importance of early education and work diligently to create an engaging and interactive curriculum.

Holistic Curriculum:

Our well-rounded curriculum focuses on a blend of academic learning and play-based activities. We believe children learn best through hands-on experiences and encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

We employ innovative teaching methods and learning tools to make education enjoyable and effective. Our teachers use age-appropriate techniques to ensure that every child's unique learning needs are met.

Safe and Secure Environment:

The safety and security of our students are of utmost importance. We maintain strict safety protocols, including CCTV surveillance, background checks for staff, and a secure campus, to ensure peace of mind for parents.

Enriching Extracurricular Activities:

Along with academics, we offer a range of extracurricular activities that promote physical, emotional, and social development. These activities help children discover their interests and talents beyond the classroom.

Parent Involvement and Communication:

We believe in fostering a strong partnership with parents. Regular parent-teacher interactions, progress updates, and workshops ensure that parents are actively involved in their child's educational journey.

Child-Centric Approach:

Every child is unique, and we celebrate their individuality. Our child-centric approach ensures that each student receives personalized attention and support, fostering a love for learning.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our school is equipped with modern facilities and age-appropriate learning resources. We create an enriching environment that encourages exploration and curiosity.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials:

We are proud to have received positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied parents who have witnessed the positive impact of our pre schools in Bangalore on their child's development.

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  • At Vasishta School of Excellence ,we are committed to providing the best pre primary school experience for your child. Our dedicated team, comprehensive curriculum, and child-focused approach set us apart as one of the best pre-primary in Bangalore. We invite you to visit our campus and experience the excellence we offer firsthand.

    Vasishta PrePrimary Program

    Vasishta preschool curriculum is a global, joyous, and inclusive with varied learning opportunities for ensuring the holistic development of children. The curriculum aims to maximize individual potential by creating strong foundations for lifelong learning through play and developmentally appropriate practices. Our preschool curriculum enables teachers and children to build a strong, positive relationship. It promotes learning environments that are stimulating to meet inquisitive minds. Daily routines are set to enable both the preschool teacher and the child to have a structured routine activity.

    The Playgroup program is holistic, child-centric and an age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on developing children's communication and language skills, creative expressions, physical abilities and well-being, personal, emotional, and social development. Pre - Nursery focuses on communication and language skills developing multiple intelligence (Logic, Word, Nature, People, and Picture). Sensorial, ideas of exploration and investigating the world around them forming relationships and connecting with the environment are included in the curriculum.

    The Nursery program takes on a cognitive, constructive and skill developing approach and thus our curriculum emphasizes on active child-centered learning experiences. The programme reinforces upon children’s increasing competencies in language as a tool for learning and communication. Reading, phonetics, and numeracy skills are introduced to promote the child’s emergent capacity of acquiring skills. Expectations for personal and social development continue to be prioritized, resulting in an even greater autonomy and independence, enhanced self-help skills, self-concept, and confidence.

    The Junior KG curriculum actively promotes purposeful vocabulary, reading and writing experiences through integrated learning experiences and projects. Children gain a better understanding of numeracy and mathematical concepts. Exposure to technology, awareness of environment and community, and physical skills are more enhanced and sophisticated in this stage of learning. Cognitive development, acquisition of skills and concepts are actively promoted. Higher understanding of numeracy and mathematical concepts, enhanced awareness of environment, community, and physical skills are embedded in our curriculum. Personal and social development continues to be emphasised upon.

    The Senior KG curriculum focuses more on communication, reading and writing, and use these skills as a means to present ideas and knowledge as a tool for learning content, concepts, and skills. Children are trained to become independent, confident, articulate, and creative thinkers who are appreciative of the world – and equipped with the life skills and attitudes that are prerequisites for school readiness and life success. Concepts are taught through problem solving, inquiry, investigations, and research which makes a child well equipped for the competitive world. Personal, Emotional, and social development of the child is given utmost importance. With an increased social and emotional maturity, children continue to work collaboratively in projects, engaging in critical thinking and exploration.

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    Academic Excellence

    Vasishta School of Excellence (VSE) has a unique education model that revolves around inquiry-based learning through ‘4i’ approach. 4i stands for inquiry, ignite, inspire and innovate which access four pillars on the foundation for holistic development of a child through ‘4i’ curriculum provides unique learning opportunities focused on cultivating various aspects of character development; including communication and social skills, confidence and teamwork. The focus is on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative students of tomorrow.

    World-Class Infrastructure

    • Spacious Classrooms
    • Doors with rubber fitted around the door frame
    • Pinup boards outside every classroom
    • Storage space in every classroom
    • Creative spaces
    • Spacious dining hall


    • Library
    • Indoor sports complex
    • Well -Ventilated Classrooms and Transportation
    • Interactive Smart boards
    • Amphitheatre
    • A Sandpit area for Pre-Primary Sections
    • CC TV Monitoring

    Learning together, we achieve great things.

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